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Register a Derivative

Applications for Registration will be subject to registration requirements as outlined in the

NZAHS Rules & Regulations effective at the time of application

One | Membership

The Breeder (ie the owner/lessee of the Mare at the time of foaling) OR the person submitting the Application for Registration MUST be an Associate (or existing Full) member of the NZAHS.

The annual Associate membership fee is $51.80.  


Two | Application for Registration

  • The Derivative & Anglo-Arabian Horse Registration & Identification Form MUST be completed in full and signed by the Breeder (ie the owner/lessee of the Dam at the time of foaling) AND the Stallion Service Certificate MUST be completed and signed by the owner/lessee of the Stallion at the time of service.

  • Derivative & Anglo-Arabian Horses DO NOT need to be Branded, Microchipped, DNA typed or their markings signed off by a qualified veterinarian for the purpose of registration.

  • Application for Registration of an Anglo-Arabian MUST be accompanied by details of the Thoroughbred parent’s registered name, date of birth, name of sire and name of dam.

  • If the person submitting the application is NOT the breeder, a signed Transfer Form and fee must accompany the Application for Registration.

Three | Eligibility

Arabian Derivatives shall contain not less than 12.5% Arabian blood. It is the responsibility of the breeder to provide proof of pedigree back to the Purebred Arabian blood line for non-registered NZAHS horses/ponies that contribute to the Arabian percentage. Such lines must be unbroken and all ponies/horses must be registered with a NZAHS approved Recognised Society for applications to be eligible. Proof of pedigree shall be in the form of copies of registration certificates or stud book entries for all ponies/horses back to the Purebred Arabian blood line.

Taranaki Graemar Showtime IMG_4416.jpg

Four | Registration Certificate

A NZAHS Registration Certificate will be issued and posted to the registered owner as proof of registration. Once registered with the NZAHS, the horse is registered for life. If the horse is sold, the Registration Certificate, signed Transfer Form and fee should be sent to the NZAHS Office so the ownership change can be recorded and the Registration Certificate endorsed and sent on to the new owner. Leases should also be recorded with the NZAHS Office by completion of a Lease Form by the registered owner.

Five | Registration Fees

Derivative or Anglo-Arabian Gelding (any age)  |  $75.00
Derivative or Anglo-Arabian Filly/Mare (any age)  |  $75.00
Derivative or Anglo-Arabian Colt/Stallion (any age)  |  $200.00

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