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The New Zealand Arabian Horse Society (Inc.) is the registering body for Purebred, Anglo and Derivative Arabian horses in New Zealand.
The objects for which the Society was established included to maintain the purity of Arabian horses and to encourage the breeding and exhibition of Arabian horses in New Zealand.

“The spirit of the Arabian horse is like the wind;
Try as you might, you cannot capture it,
But, if one can be still enough,
It will enter your heart and capture your soul.”

The New Zealand Arabian community has been included in the 2019 WAHO conference in Australia.  
For a POST-CONFERENCE TOUR | NEW ZEALAND    (14-17th February and beyond.)

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Annual Membership Subscriptions 
1st January 2018     - OVERDUE
Annual Mare Returns for the 2017/18 season 
Due - 1st April 2018
Annual Stallion Returns for the 2017/18 season
Due - 1st April 2018
Annual Stallion Nominations for the 2018/2019 season
Accepting Now
Purebred Foal Applications for Registration
Due - 1st July 2018


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