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AGM Update
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AGM Update

Dear Member
Please find following an update from the 2015 AGM:
COUNCIL 2015/16:
Caitlin Dalton, Demelza Hoogeveen, David Marshall and Tracey Rhodes were elected unopposed (no election was required as nominations did not exceed vacancies to be filled) – and join on Council: Melanie Barker, Kevin Cholmondeley-Smith and Kelly Mason.
At the post-AGM Council Meeting the Office Bearers were confirmed as:
Melanie Barker – President
Demelza Hoogeveen – Vice-President
Melanie Barker – Treasurer
Note: Prize-winners that were not present at the AGM will be sent their awards next week
Halter Roll of Merit
Kelaray Goddess of Love                    Purebred                 5214                 Kelaray Stud
Maaresaa MA                                      Purebred                 3781                 Melissa Holdom
Masada Park Movie Star (IIU)            Purebred                 3743                 B Poulter/S Drinnan
Rayjan Heath                                       Purebred                 4173                 Monese Ball
Roll of Merit – Performance (Endurance)
T.E. Tahira                                          Derivative                PB3169            Donna French
Roll of Merit – Performance (Ridden)
Bushland Assissi                                Purebred                 2581                 Lynda Guy
Remarni Park Elegance (AU)            Purebred                 4349                 Robyn Barker
Roll of Merit – Progeny
AA Kasia                                            Purebred                 2158                 Melville Gubb
Deveron Airs N Graces (AU)             Derivative             AA438              Kelly Mason
Karamea Mira                                     Purebred                 1950                 Karen Davies
Simeon Setami (AU)                          Purebred                 3435                 Gerzanne Arabians
Simeon Shemini (AU)                        Purebred                 2932                 Gerzanne Arabians
SS Barzani                                          Purebred                 2440                 Gerzanne Arabians
Elite Roll of Merit – Halter & Progeny
Jandy                                                 Purebred                 455                   Angela Rogers
Karamea Evita                                   Purebred                 1432                 The late Alison Steward
Rula                                                   Purebred                 2712                 Gerzanne Arabians
NZAHBS Brian Ross Young Achiever Award
Ellenna Caudwell
NZ Breeder Award
Gerzanne Arabians
WAHO Trophy
Cyprus Al Thaqib, bred by Penny Buckthought and owned by Liana Mikaera
Motion 1) - Moved by Mrs D Hoogeveen, Seconded by Ms K Mason: MOTION WON and now reads:
ELECTION OF COUNCIL, Section 6 (ii) 
Any financial member may nominate any other financial member/s for election to the Council provided that these members so nominated to Council comprise only of owners of Pure Bred Arab breeding horses at least one of which shall be a female or nominees of Companies, Estates, Government Departments owning such horses or Life Members and in addition have been past members of the Society for at least 3 years or have been members for at least 3 years of a recognised Arab Horse Society and further provided that not more than any one member of a family shall be elected to the Council at any one time, and further provided that no Council member or their Family member shall be in debt to the Society.
Motion 2) – Moved by Ms K Mason, Seconded by Mrs D Hoogeveen: MOTION WON and now reads:
The Secretary shall cause to be prepared previous to the Annual General Meeting a statement of income and expenditure for the previous financial year together with a Balance Sheet showing the liabilities and assets of the Society at the close of that period. Annual accounts are to be duly certified by the Auditors every 3 years with a Review of the Income and Expenditure to be undertaken by a chartered accountant every year in between. The Audit or Review shall be signed by the President or Honorary Treasurer and Secretary as correct and shall submit same to the Annual General Meeting.
Motion 3) – Moved by Ms K Mason, Seconded by Mrs D Hoogeveen: MOTION WON and now reads:
The Annual Report and a copy of the Balance Sheet with any reports from the Auditors or Chartered Accountants shall be sent to each financial member not less than thirty (30) days before the Annual General Meeting.

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