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Ineligible Horses

If you own Arabians or intend buying one, read the following for your own protection. If you intend a transaction involving a horse listed below, contact the NZAHBS on the matter. 

List of Imported purebred Arabian horses not registered in New Zealand by the New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society (Inc) 

The following horses lack import and/or export documentation and cannot be shown in NZ or have their progeny registered until paperwork and payment is received.


- Prince of Egypt
- Simeon Shamal  

- Simeon Sam 


- Kirrong Simaaka 
- Simeon Shafan
- Simeon Shakova 
- Simeon Shimona

****This list is correct at time of publishing.****

When considering using imported Arabian/Arabian Derivative semen please contact the Society.

If you have concerns regarding a horse or horses, please check with the Society. 

Import Rules

Registration of Imported Arab Horses (NZAHBS)
  • In respect of each horse imported into New Zealand an application for Registration must be made to the Society within three (3) months of Importation of the horse. Any necessary export papers required by the Country of Export must be produced and be in order. Documentary proof of all changes of ownership between the officially recorded owner at the time of the proposed registration must be produced.

Natural Births & Imports in Utero: Registration of Domestic Broodmares (WAHO)
  • It is a mandatory WAHO rule that a broodmare must be registered in the WAHO approved studbook of the country or area of jurisdiction of current domicile in which she gives birth, in order for her foal to be registered.

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