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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to register a Purebred Horse? 
Yes - you must be a current Full Member or Junior Member. Registrations must be applied for by 1 July in the season of birth. 

Do I have to be a member to register a Derivative/Part-bred/Anglo-Arab? 
Yes - you must be an Associate Member. There is currently no time restrictions for Derivative registrations. 

How do I Transfer Ownership of a horse to another person? 
Download, complete & sign a "Transfer Form" from the Resources section and send it to the National Secretary along with the original registration certificate and transfer fee (refer Scale of Fees). The Society's records are updated and the registration certificate is endorsed before being sent on to the new owner. 

I have lost the original registration certificate - can I get a replacement? 
Replacement certificates are available on request in genuine cases of loss and on payment of the specified fee (refer Scale of Fees). 

When is DNA Typing Required? 
  • DNA is not required for Derivative registrations.
  • All Purebred Arabian Stallions and Mares must be DNA-typed prior to breeding (contact the National Secretary to obtain a DNA envelope and costs).
  • All Purebred Arabian Foals born after 1 August 2002 must be DNA-typed and Parent Verified at Registration. In the case of Purebred Arabian Geldings, hair must be collected and supplied to NZAHS in the DNA-typing envelope at the time of Registration and will be held in storage in case it is required at a later date. There is no charge for Gelding envelopes issued to be held in storage.
  • All Exported horses must be DNA-typed prior to export - this applies to both Purebred & Derivative horses - including Geldings.

Kelaray Selene - photo Glenys Lily
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